About School & Colleges Groups

We offer a all new experience of school camping filled with lots of fun activities. Children get the opportunity to take part in dance, trekking, games arts and craft and many more. The camping acts as a fun intelligent learning cum educational experience. Various exercises are incorporated as a part of the education sessions. Beautiful and captivating environment helps the children to come out of the room and feel the nature.

Camping trip is an adventure based learning programme for children, will enable to acquire new skills, build on character traits and to develop strong personality through adventure and trekking activities, rich relationships, self confidence.

Purpose Of This Programme

  • To involve students in numerous adventure and team building activities with a purpose of enhancing confidence and physical strength of students.

  • Develop emotional and social skills.

  • Develop confidence by overcoming challenges and learning new things.

  • To help students in understanding and respecting the nature.

  • To understand themselves, their dreams, goals and desires.

  • Develop healthy relationships and bonding with others.

  • To experience joy and happiness.

TEI has been creating outdoor learning camps for children that help them in their self growth. Our camps are a place for children to learn, celebrate, connect with themselves, each other and nature.

Our Philosophy
We believe children learn and grow tremendously while participating in tours, whether they are adventure tours, wildlife trips, cultural excursions or simple leisure tours. When they are on their own, they spend much more time with each other and also depend upon each other more than usual. This creates lasting bonding between them.

Our outdoor learning programs with children are led by qualified instructors, who have several years of experience of working with children. We deeply enjoy working with children. Our camps and other tours with children are guided by our expert understanding of children and their psychology.

Our trips are more then excursions, they are a breaking ground for a child’s emotional and spiritual growth.

Camps for schools
We have more than 20 different camps in Uttaranchal and Himachal where we conduct programs for school children, details of these camps can be found on our website.

Activities for children
There are numerous activities we conduct for students at our camps depending upon the location.

1. Hiking, 2. Angling, 3. Mountain Biking, 4. Archery, 5. Singing, 6. Rope courses, 7. Tent Pitching, 8. Bird Watching, 9. Dancing, 10. Rock-climbing, 11. Rappelling, 12. River Crossing, 13. Role playing, 14. Yoga and mindfulness, 15. Active meditations, 16. Understanding Feelings and emotions, 17. Understanding relationships, 18. Expressing feelings and developing intimacy, 19. Day-dreaming, 20. Various sports, 21. Kite flying, 22. Village Visits, 23. Swimming, 24. Music & 25. Writing.

Gear and safety standards
We very well understand our responsibility while working with children, we use the best imported gear used for adventure activities and follow strict safety standards. Although no adventure activity or outdoor experience is completely risk free but we make sure that everything from our end is as tight and safe as it could be.

Our team
We together an outstanding team of professionals, each an expert in his own right. The team includes experts from varied fields – climbers, kayakers, seasoned anglers, ornithologists, bikers, wildlife experts, yoga practitioners. We have a team of mountaineers who are instructors at National Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi. They have several years of experience in climbing and mountaineering. They are the expert in there profession.